Thursday, 9 April 2015

Jonny Kennedy

Yesterday morning the sun was shining as i hit the motorway, driving 3 hours to finally meet two inspirational people. Eric Duffield, founder of and Jonny's mum, Edna Kennedy.
The shop was amazing and filled with buzz by the locals in shopping, dont think i had ever witnessed this kind of environment inside a charity shop before. Staff so happy to chat & help everyone, laughter between them all. A truly lovely place to be. If your ever in Newcastle, NE26 1DG be sure to make a visit..

Meeting Eric was fabulous! We met via the Eb community on Facebook a few years ago and back in January 2015 we joined forces. JKNE & TBN as a team. Could have sat there for days chatting! Was like old friends meeting up for coffee. Such an inspirational man!

The work they do on a day to day basis in that shop & behind the scenes etc for the Eb community is mind blowing. NO paid staff, ALL volunteers working from their hearts and with transparency. Im proud to call them friends and im proud to have partnered with such a caring, honest charity.

Last but not least, Edna. An amazing women! Often people say they feel like they know a person, i sure got that feeling. We talked a lot about the documentary "The boy whose skin fell off" & Jonnys life. I obviously had a million questions but could only remember a few when i came to ask..

Jonny did not have a Gtube, he ate normal foods but couldnt eat meat. Edna blended food to make shakes for him. He never mentioned food during the documentary, hence why i was so interested in this answer.

We talked about her life, her horse riding days. A truly inspirational women! So grateful she took the time to come and meet with me.

Plans have been talked about for 2016, which will be a HUGE celebration of 10years in service for JKNE.
All details will be posted here, websites etc so be sure not to miss out...

Much love to all x


 Registered Charity No. 1119765

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