Thursday, 19 September 2013


College are driving me crazy!!!! I've got to take my appointments letters in so they can photo copy them, to prove I'm off also I've got to prove my eb nurse is coming down to see me. I've just had an email saing college want an updated care plan, so I looked through it and found MANY things I didn't want in there and some I didn't find true!  
1. There's got to be a trained first aided in case I choked! I'm 17 I no how to cope I won't eat solid foods if my throats bad!!

2. 'Lauren is limited in her ability to mix socially due to the limitations of her condition' HOW is this true!!!! Fair enough physical activities but to social mix!! 

And number 3 

3. If I'm outside I'm going to catch an infection!!! Where do they get this from! I'm so angry. 

4. They have very sensitive information about my 'tummy' (other people who have eb and look after people with eb will  understand) is published to anyone who looks at this. I don't think they need to know they don't have to do anything, 

College is driving me nuts.

Face to face they are doing there very best but people 'higher' up are stopping me, my mum sitting with me for dinner being one, why don't they listen to me, I experience eb 24/7 for 17 years I no and people close to me know what is best for me! Not someone who has only just heard about eb! 

I'm not backing down I'll go to college for ever if it means I can eat on my own and move without having a body guard. I will prove eb doesn't get in my way, I will do what ever it takes. I come first then my eb. 

Maybe I'll write to the papers haha that will get them moving :p


Anyway hope everyone's had a good day :) I'm very tired, going to have a cup of tea and maybe some chocolate or biscuits :p and lye down and RELAX :) 

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