Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fed up and annoyed

I'm currently in the middle of doing my dressings as I can't stick this pain no longer!! I'm fed up of every minute of the day I hurt, clothing gets stuck, dressings need changing! EVERYDAY, we live with eb. I'm very down today I'm just fed up of hurting! Even after changing dressings it only brings little relief, that's after pulling stuck dressings off, popping blisters with needles, putting creams on wounds that sting like crazy, numerous different dressings to clean wounds. I'm just really fed up of it today, it's really got me down. My wounds are open and very sore at the minute, it's not just the wound that hurts it radiates around the wound. My dressings don't just cover one part of my body, it's not like pulling a plaster off, this pain is from top to toe and we deal with this everyday and today it's got on top of me! It's driving me nuts, no pain meds work. BUT  me I've had a good cry with mum, chucked the yucky dressings away, take a DEEP breath and carry on. I'm just hoping tomorrow is a new chapter and this feeling will go away. I've got college tomorrow so hopefully I will feel better. I will kick ebs butt even more when it makes me feel like this!!
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