Thursday, 19 September 2013


I'm in bed, all tucked up. Had my meds, hopefully they might work a bit! Especially with on being a sedative! I'm very sore, my right hip is hurting as it has a wound on it. My skin has broken down, my right knee is really sore after numerce amount of blisters, my left foot (ballet foot) has broken down, my left thigh muscle is hurting :/ and I'm super itchy! I'm very tired after 3 days in college and hardly any sleep, I think I've done pretty good BUT it's catching up on me now. Hopefully if I get a good nights sleep I'll be 'fresh as a daisy' in the morning. Fingers crossed. People don't see the pain us ebs hide behind a smile, they don't understand how simple tasks for 'normal' really takes it out of us. They just see the dressing, the webbed fingers and a wheelchair. People staring is horrible! I've got used to children saying "look mum she's got no fingers" but when adults stare it's just horrible. It still annoys me that people stare but I'm old enough to just smile at them and look the other way, but when little children notice this! It's just horrible. People shouldn't be so lazy and stop grouping people 'normal' group and the not 'normal' group, people are different, no one is the same, there isn't a document that states the perfect person should be tall, pretty etc. you are just you, don't let people label you, I say yeah I have eb AND!!!! I still do things that you do just in a different way, just because someone's little don't label them as young. Talk to them ask them how old they are and ask what's wrong! Don't just stare and whisper! Many times I've wished they'd have just asked me what's happened other than stare. 

Any way I've rambled on again!! Going to try and get some sleep. Good night everyone
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