Saturday, 28 September 2013


Hiya everyone :) well I have posted in a couple of days so here what's happened in them days.

I went to college on Monday a bit tired and sore but nothing unusual there, on Tuesday it was my day off, got out of bed about 3:30pm :/ (it was my day off) when I eventually got out of bed I had a cup of tea and biscuits. On my second biscuit I ripped my throat, totally out of the blue, (eb works in mysterious ways!) my throat wasn't sore before which normally happens. I had this lump of skin and biscuit in my throat that wouldn't budge, I couldn't swallow my saliva I had to get rid of it in a tissue. I tried to swallow little bits and it was going down (good news) I had another cup of tea that was lukewarm because hot tea doesn't go well with a bad throat as my friend Jennifer told me. I sipped this tea must of had it about half an hour but it was going down, didn't eat or the rest of the day apart from packet of skips. On the Wednesday I had to stay off college as my throat was still bad, the lump of skin had gone and i could eat more but in little amounts, slow and steady :) I could still drink which was a really good sign.
On Thursday I went to college very tired and my chest and my neck were sore from my throat ripping, I can only describe it as being bruised if that makes sense, I didn't go in Friday as the pain was bad in my chest and neck. 

Today :) my chest is still sore but easing a bit my throat feels strained because when you eat you just chew an swallow with eb you have to make sure you've chewed it enough, so it's small enough to go down, I do this when my throat is good so I have to chew ten times more to make it ten times smaller, as you swallow the food you tense up (hold your neck stiff) because the fear of choking every time you swallow you think am I going to choke - relax no I haven't. The muscles are over used. I am eating more and it getting better but still taking it slow don't want to rip it again as it's healing, it's very sensitive when it's healing, soo I'm taking it slowwww! I've just changed my knee dressing as it was sore, turns out it's better than last time :/ but a piece of the dressing has made a dip in my skin so that's sore and stiff, I've had a blister on the top of my knee so that's sore too! I've just popped a blister in my mouth which was very painful! Every minute of the day we have eb, something comes, or gets in the way of me doing stuff, but 'patch up and move on' I say :)

Hope everyone is well xxxxxx
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